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Vittorio Brambilla, F1 piloto


11 novembro 1937
26 maio 2001 (63)
Piero Scotti (11 novembro 1909)
Maria de Filippis (11 novembro 1926)

Compre mercadoria Vittorio Brambilla Compre mercadoria Vittorio Brambilla


1 (1.3%)
1 (1.3%)
1 ( Swedish Grand Prix) (1.3%)
0 (0%)
1st (1975 Austrian Grand Prix)
15.5 (0.2 média de pontos por corrida)
41 (52.6%)
1974 South African Grand Prix
1980 Italian Grand Prix
1975 Austrian Grand Prix

sobre Vittorio Brambilla

Vittorio Brambilla (11 November 1937 – 26 May 2001) was a Formula One driver from Italy who raced for the March, Surtees and Alfa Romeo teams. Particularly adept at driving in wet conditions, his nickname was "The Monza Gorilla", due to his often overly aggressive driving style and sense of machismo. He was particularly known for his 'Punch and Crunch' routine, in which, he would greet the unfortunate victim with an extremely strong handshake. He enjoyed watching the recipient wince whilst they were shaking hands only to follow this up with a rabbit punch to the back of one's neck.

fonte: Wikipedia


1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980,

posições finais

posições de grade

vitórias Vittorio Brambilla

# evento construtor
1 1975 Austrian Grand Prix rodada 12 March

poles Vittorio Brambilla

# evento construtor
1 1975 Swedish Grand Prix rodada 7 March
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Vittorio Brambilla, F1 piloto

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