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Mike Beuttler, F1 piloto


13 abril 1940
29 dezembro 1988 (48)
André Testut (13 abril 1926)
Dan Gurney (13 abril 1931)
Ricardo Zunino (13 abril 1949)

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0 (0%)
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7th (1973 Spanish Grand Prix)
11th (1973 Austrian Grand Prix)
0 (0 média de pontos por corrida)
16 (55.2%)
1971 British Grand Prix
1973 United States Grand Prix

sobre Mike Beuttler

Michael Simon Brindley Bream Beuttler (13 April 1940 – 29 December 1988) was a British Formula One driver who raced privately entered March cars. He was born in Cairo, Egypt.

He was a talented Formula Three graduate from the late 1960s, who then graduated to Formula Two and then to Formula One in 1971. The finance for the team came from a group of stockbroker friends from whom the team took its name – at first Clarke-Mordaunt-Guthrie Racing, and in 1973 it became Clarke-Mordaunt-Guthrie-Durlacher Racing. He raced on one occasion, at the 1971 Canadian Grand Prix, for the works March team. Beuttler's best result was a seventh place in the 1973 Spanish Grand Prix.

Beuttler retired from racing the following year and eventually moved to the United States, where he died of complications resulting from AIDS in 1988, in Los Angeles, aged 48. As of 2016 he is the only known gay F1 driver.

Beuttler was also the brother-in-law of politician Alan Clark.

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1971, 1972, 1973,

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Mike Beuttler, F1 piloto

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