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Kenneth McAlpine, F1 piloto


21 setembro 1920 (103)

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13th (1953 German Grand Prix)
2nd (1952 Italian Grand Prix)
0 (0 média de pontos por corrida)
5 (71.4%)
1952 British Grand Prix
1955 British Grand Prix

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Kenneth McAlpine (born 21 September 1920) is a British former racing driver from England. He was born in Cobham, Surrey. He participated in 7 Formula One World Championship Grands Prix, debuting on 19 July 1952. He scored no championship points. During the development of the Connaught Racing Team based at Send in Surrey, McAlpine became a considerable financial backer and enjoyed several team owner triumphs including Tony Brooks's memorable F1 victory at Syracuse, Italy in 1955. The team was eventually broken up in 1958 and cars sold off, including one or more to a young Bernie Ecclestone.

After Grands Prix, McAlpine established a successful English wine growing and bottling business at his estate in Lamberhurst, Kent. He is a member of the McAlpine family that started the famous civil engineering company of the same name. He is also a member of The Air Squadron. Following the death of French driver André Guelfi on 28 June 2016, McAlpine became the oldest living Formula One driver.

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1952, 1953, 1955,

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Kenneth McAlpine, F1 piloto

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