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Jac Nelleman, F1 piloto


19 abril 1944 (79)
Rudi Fischer (19 abril 1912)
Basil van Rooyen (19 abril 1939)
Kurt Ahrens (19 abril 1940)

Compre mercadoria Jac Nelleman Compre mercadoria Jac Nelleman


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0 (1976 Swedish Grand Prix)
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1 (100%)
1976 Swedish Grand Prix
1976 Swedish Grand Prix

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Jacob "Jac" Nellemann (born 19 April 1944 in Copenhagen) is a former racing driver from Denmark. Reaching Formula One in 1976, his single entry was at the 1976 Swedish Grand Prix, driving Brabhams run by the small RAM team. Despite taking part in qualifying sessions in two cars, a BT42 and a BT44B, he failed to qualify. He was on the entry list for the following year's race, but he was not present for qualifying.

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1976 Loris Kessel
Emilio de Villota
Patrick Nève
Damien Magee
Bob Evans
Lella Lombardi
Brabham-Ford comparar 1976
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Jac Nelleman, F1 piloto

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