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Eddie Johnson, F1 piloto


10 fevereiro 1919
30 junho 1974 (55)
Danny Kladis (10 fevereiro 1917)
Theo Fitzau (10 fevereiro 1923)

Compre mercadoria Eddie Johnson Compre mercadoria Eddie Johnson


0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
6th (1960 Indianapolis 500)
7th (1960 Indianapolis 500)
1 (0.1 média de pontos por corrida)
2 (22.2%)
1952 Indianapolis 500
1960 Indianapolis 500

sobre Eddie Johnson

Eddie Johnson (February 10, 1919 – June 30, 1974) was an American racecar driver.

Born in Richmond, Virginia, Johnson died in a plane crash near Cleveland, Ohio. The National Transportation Safety Board ruled the probable cause was pilot error, specifically attempting to fly visually in unsuitable weather and structurally overloading the airplane. He drove in the AAA and USAC Championship Car series, racing in the 1950–1952 and 1955–1966 seasons with 33 starts, including the Indianapolis 500 races in all of those years but the first two. He finished in the top ten 9 times, with his best finish in 3rd position, in 1959 at Trenton. Late in his career, Johnson frequently came to Indianapolis without an assigned car only to be signed on to a team which needed a driver to put a struggling car in the race. In 1965, Johnson became the last person on the track in the Indianapolis 500 mile race with a naturally aspirated Offenhauser in a roadster. Johnson was flagged to finish in 10th place. Johnson was a high school acquaintance of 1950 Indianapolis 500 winner Johnny Parsons.

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1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960,

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Eddie Johnson, F1 piloto

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