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Clive Puzey, F1 piloto


11 julho 1941 (82)
Fritz Riess (11 julho 1922)
Alberto Uria (11 julho 1924)
Rolf Stommelen (11 julho 1943)

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0 (1965 South African Grand Prix)
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1965 South African Grand Prix
1965 South African Grand Prix

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Clive Puzey (born 11 July 1941 in Bulawayo) is a former racing driver from Rhodesia. He began taking part in the South African Formula One Championship in 1963 with a Lotus 18/21, finishing seventh in the Rand Grand Prix the following year.

Puzey's only Formula One World Championship Grand Prix attempt came when he entered the 1965 South African Grand Prix with his Lotus-Climax, but he failed to pre-qualify. He was one of only three drivers from Rhodesia (modern-day Zimbabwe) to enter a World Championship Formula One race.

He continued to race in the South African Formula One Championship until 1969, scoring three podiums in 1966. After his racing career ended, Puzey ran a garage in his home town of Bulawayo until 2000. Being an outspoken critic of Robert Mugabe's government, he was repeatedly threatened until he left the country and moved to Australia.

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Clive Puzey, F1 piloto

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