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Giulio Cabianca, F1 coureur


19 februari 1923
15 juni 1961 (38)
Ernie McCoy (19 februari 1921)
Stephen South (19 februari 1952)

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4th (1960 Italian Grand Prix)
4th (1960 Italian Grand Prix)
3 (0.8 punten per race gem.)
2 (50%)
1958 Monaco Grand Prix
1960 Italian Grand Prix

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Giulio Cabianca (19 February 1923 – 15 June 1961) was a Formula One driver from Italy.

Cabianca was born in Verona, northern Italy. He participated in 4 World Championship Grands Prix, debuting on 18 May 1958. He scored a total of 3 championship points. He also participated in one non-Championship Formula One race. He also won the Dolomites Gold Cup Race in 1955.

Cabianca's death resulted from a bizarre incident at the Modena Autodrome test track in Italy. The Modena Autodrome was situated near Via Emilia, which crosses the city of Modena. Cabianca was testing a Cooper-Ferrari F1 car, owned by Scuderia Castellotti, when he suffered a suspected stuck throttle. Unable to stop, his Cooper went off track, struck a spectator and then went through the gate of the Autodrome which was open because of men at work near the track. The car crossed the Via Emilia and crashed against the wall of a workshop. Crossing the road, Cabianca's Cooper struck a bicycle, a motorcycle, and a small mini-van (not a taxi as often reported) and three parked cars. The driver of the mini-van (also called "giardinetta" following a famous van of Fiat) and the motorcycle driver were killed at the scene. The biker was crushed and killed instantly by a heavy block of iron carried on the mini-van. Cabianca was conscious, but died a few hours later at the hospital. The spectator hit just after the car left the track suffered severe leg injuries, but survived.

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1958, 1959, 1960,

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Giulio Cabianca, F1 coureur

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