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Eugène Chaboud, F1 coureur


12 april 1907
28 december 1983 (76)
Robert Manzon (12 april 1917)
Carlos Reutemann (12 april 1942)
Corrado Fabi (12 april 1961)

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5th (1950 French Grand Prix)
4th (1950 French Grand Prix)
1 (0.3 punten per race gem.)
1 (33.3%)
1950 Belgian Grand Prix
1951 French Grand Prix

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Marius Eugène Chaboud (12 April 1907 in Lyon – 28 December 1983 in Montfermeil, Seine-Saint-Denis) was a racing driver from France. He participated in three Formula One World Championship Grands Prix, scoring one championship point. He also participated in numerous non-Championship Formula One races.

He completed his first car race in 1936 at age of 29 in a Delahaye sports car and partnered his mentor Jean Trémoulet in the 1937 24 Hours of Le Mans race, where they failed to finish. The following year however the partnership won the race in a Delahaye. In 1939 he won the Paris-Nice road race for Ecurie France and after the Second World War he won the 1946 Belgian Grand Prix at Bois de la Cambre in a Delage.

After Formula 1 was introduced in 1950, Chaboud drove a Talbot Lago T26 in several Formula 1 events, including three Grand Prix World Championship races, during 1950 and 1951, scoring only 1 championship point for a fifth place in the French Grand Prix.

He retired from the sport after crashing his Talbot-Lago T26 at Le Mans during the 1952 event, when he became trapped under his car.

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1950, 1951,

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Eugène Chaboud, F1 coureur

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