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youngest age

Sebastian Vettel 21y, 02m, 11d 2008 Italian Grand Prix
Charles Leclerc 21y, 10m, 16d 2019 Belgian Grand Prix
Fernando Alonso 22y, 00m, 26d 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix
Troy Ruttman 22y, 02m, 19d 1952 Indianapolis 500
Bruce McLaren 22y, 03m, 12d 1959 United States Grand Prix
Kimi Räikkönen 23y, 05m, 6d 2003 Malaysian Grand Prix
Robert Kubica 23y, 06m, 1d 2008 Canadian Grand Prix
Jacky Ickx 23y, 06m, 6d 1968 French Grand Prix
Michael Schumacher 23y, 07m, 27d 1992 Belgian Grand Prix
Emerson Fittipaldi 23y, 09m, 22d 1970 United States Grand Prix
Max Verstappen 24y, 02m, 8d
Mike Hawthorn 24y, 02m, 25d 1953 French Grand Prix
Jody Scheckter 24y, 04m, 11d 1974 Swedish Grand Prix
Elio de Angelis 24y, 04m, 20d 1982 Austrian Grand Prix
David Coulthard 24y, 05m, 28d 1995 Portuguese Grand Prix
Peter Collins 24y, 06m, 28d 1956 Belgian Grand Prix
Pierre Gasly 24y, 06m, 30d 2020 Italian Grand Prix
Esteban Ocon 24y, 10m, 15d 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix
Daniel Ricciardo 24y, 11m, 7d 2014 Canadian Grand Prix
Jacques Villeneuve 25y, 00m, 19d 1996 European Grand Prix
Ayrton Senna 25y, 01m, 0d 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix
Niki Lauda 25y, 02m, 6d 1974 Spanish Grand Prix
Felipe Massa 25y, 04m, 2d 2006 Turkish Grand Prix
Michele Alboreto 25y, 09m, 2d 1982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix
Ralf Schumacher 25y, 09m, 16d 2001 San Marino Grand Prix
Stirling Moss 25y, 09m, 29d 1955 British Grand Prix
Juan Pablo Montoya 25y, 11m, 27d 2001 Italian Grand Prix
Jackie Stewart 26y, 03m, 1d 1965 Italian Grand Prix
Jim Clark 26y, 03m, 13d 1962 Belgian Grand Prix
Tony Brooks 26y, 03m, 21d 1958 Belgian Grand Prix
Alain Prost 26y, 04m, 11d 1981 French Grand Prix
Giancarlo Baghetti 26y, 06m, 7d 1961 French Grand Prix
Jenson Button 26y, 06m, 18d 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix
Heikki Kovalainen 26y, 09m, 15d 2008 Hungarian Grand Prix
Nico Rosberg 26y, 09m, 19d 2012 Chinese Grand Prix
Pedro Rodríguez 26y, 11m, 15d 1967 South African Grand Prix
Gerhard Berger 27y, 01m, 15d 1986 Mexican Grand Prix
Pastor Maldonado 27y, 02m, 4d 2012 Spanish Grand Prix
Jochen Rindt 27y, 05m, 17d 1969 United States Grand Prix
François Cevert 27y, 07m, 8d 1971 United States Grand Prix
Nelson Piquet 27y, 07m, 13d 1980 United States Grand Prix West
James Hunt 27y, 09m, 24d 1975 Dutch Grand Prix
Riccardo Patrese 28y, 01m, 6d 1982 Monaco Grand Prix
Didier Pironi 28y, 01m, 8d 1980 Belgian Grand Prix
Rubens Barrichello 28y, 02m, 7d 2000 German Grand Prix
Gunnar Nilsson 28y, 06m, 16d 1977 Belgian Grand Prix
Jochen Mass 28y, 06m, 28d 1975 Spanish Grand Prix
Lorenzo Bandini 28y, 08m, 2d 1964 Austrian Grand Prix
Gilles Villeneuve 28y, 08m, 20d 1978 Canadian Grand Prix
José Froilán González 28y, 09m, 9d 1951 British Grand Prix
Bob Sweikert 29y, 00m, 10d 1955 Indianapolis 500
Mika Häkkinen 29y, 00m, 28d 1997 European Grand Prix
Jo Bonnier 29y, 04m, 0d 1959 Dutch Grand Prix
Ronnie Peterson 29y, 04m, 17d 1973 French Grand Prix
John Surtees 29y, 05m, 24d 1963 German Grand Prix
Olivier Panis 29y, 08m, 17d 1996 Monaco Grand Prix
Jarno Trulli 29y, 10m, 10d 2004 Monaco Grand Prix
Heinz-Harald Frentzen 29y, 11m, 9d 1997 San Marino Grand Prix
Giancarlo Fisichella 30y, 02m, 23d 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix
John Watson 30y, 03m, 11d 1976 Austrian Grand Prix
Alessandro Nannini 30y, 03m, 15d 1989 Japanese Grand Prix
Carlos Pace 30y, 03m, 20d 1975 Brazilian Grand Prix
Pat Flaherty 30y, 04m, 24d 1956 Indianapolis 500
Alan Jones 30y, 09m, 12d 1977 Austrian Grand Prix
Sergio Pérez 30y, 10m, 10d 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix
Denny Hulme 30y, 10m, 19d 1967 Monaco Grand Prix
Jean Alesi 31y, 00m, 0d 1995 Canadian Grand Prix
Clay Regazzoni 31y, 00m, 1d 1970 Italian Grand Prix
Mario Andretti 31y, 00m, 6d 1971 South African Grand Prix
Johnny Herbert 31y, 00m, 21d 1995 British Grand Prix
Dan Gurney 31y, 02m, 25d 1962 French Grand Prix
Innes Ireland 31y, 03m, 26d 1961 United States Grand Prix
Luigi Musso 31y, 05m, 25d 1956 Argentine Grand Prix
Peter Gethin 31y, 06m, 15d 1971 Italian Grand Prix
René Arnoux 31y, 06m, 23d 1980 Brazilian Grand Prix
Jim Rathmann 31y, 10m, 14d 1960 Indianapolis 500
Johnnie Parsons 31y, 10m, 26d 1950 Indianapolis 500
Thierry Boutsen 31y, 11m, 5d 1989 Canadian Grand Prix
Carlos Reutemann 31y, 11m, 18d 1974 South African Grand Prix
Jo Siffert 32y, 00m, 13d 1968 British Grand Prix
Nigel Mansell 32y, 01m, 28d 1985 European Grand Prix
Valtteri Bottas 32y, 03m, 10d
Jimmy Bryan 32y, 04m, 2d 1958 Indianapolis 500
Mark Webber 32y, 10m, 15d 2009 German Grand Prix
Ludovico Scarfiotti 32y, 10m, 17d 1966 Italian Grand Prix
Damon Hill 32y, 10m, 29d 1993 Hungarian Grand Prix
Alberto Ascari 33y, 00m, 16d 1951 German Grand Prix
Wolfgang von Trips 33y, 00m, 18d 1961 Dutch Grand Prix
Jack Brabham 33y, 01m, 8d 1959 Monaco Grand Prix
Patrick Tambay 33y, 01m, 14d 1982 German Grand Prix
Graham Hill 33y, 03m, 5d 1962 Dutch Grand Prix
Eddie Irvine 33y, 03m, 25d 1999 Australian Grand Prix
Phil Hill 33y, 04m, 15d 1960 Italian Grand Prix
Jacques Laffite 33y, 06m, 29d 1977 Swedish Grand Prix
Keke Rosberg 33y, 08m, 23d 1982 Swiss Grand Prix
Patrick Depailler 33y, 08m, 28d 1978 Monaco Grand Prix
Peter Revson 34y, 04m, 17d 1973 British Grand Prix
Bill Vukovich 34y, 05m, 17d 1953 Indianapolis 500
Jean-Pierre Beltoise 35y, 00m, 18d 1972 Monaco Grand Prix
Richie Ginther 35y, 02m, 19d 1965 Mexican Grand Prix
Jean-Pierre Jabouille 36y, 09m, 0d 1979 French Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton 36y, 11m, 1d
Maurice Trintignant 37y, 06m, 22d 1955 Monaco Grand Prix
Vittorio Brambilla 37y, 09m, 6d 1975 Austrian Grand Prix
Rodger Ward 38y, 04m, 20d 1959 Indianapolis 500
Juan Fangio 38y, 10m, 27d 1950 Monaco Grand Prix
Lee Wallard 40y, 08m, 23d 1951 Indianapolis 500
Sam Hanks 42y, 10m, 17d 1957 Indianapolis 500
Nino Farina 43y, 06m, 13d 1950 British Grand Prix
Piero Taruffi 45y, 07m, 6d 1952 Swiss Grand Prix
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Formula 1 statistics - Drivers - Wins - Youngest age

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