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Toni Branca, F1 driver


15 September 1916
10 May 1985 (68)

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10th (1950 Belgian Grand Prix)
11th (1950 Belgian Grand Prix)
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1 (33.3%)
1950 Swiss Grand Prix
1951 German Grand Prix

about Toni Branca

Antonio Branca (15 September 1916, Sion, Switzerland – 10 May 1985, Sierre, Switzerland) was a Formula One driver from Switzerland who competed in three World Championship races. His motor racing career was allegedly financed by an admiring Belgian countess, the Vicomtesse de Walkiers. Branca mainly competed in privately owned Maserati 4CLT, in Formula One and Two races.

Branca made his Formula One debut at the 1950 Swiss Grand Prix, finishing 11th, and briefly led the non-championship Formula One race in Circuit des Nations at Geneva in a Simca-Gordini. He scored a number of top-six placings in other minor races, his best finish being fourth at a Formula Two race at the Aix les Bains Circuit du Lac, before entering the Belgian Grand Prix and finishing in 10th place. Branca continued to race in 1951, retiring from the Formula One German Grand Prix and finishing sixth in the non-championship Pescara Grand Prix, but finished competing in Grand Prix racing at the end of the year.

Branca competed at a lower level until the mid-1950s, racing in hillclimbs and participated twice in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Racing with a Moretti 750cc, in 1955 the car was not ready and could not be brought to the starting line at the time of the start, and in 1956 the car broke down before his turn behind the steering wheel.

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Toni Branca, F1 driver

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