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Peter Whitehead, F1 driver


12 November 1914
21 September 1958 (43)
Paul Emery (12 November 1916)
George Eaton (12 November 1945)

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0 (0%)
1 (8.3%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
3rd (1950 French Grand Prix)
8th (1951 British Grand Prix)
4 (0.3 points per race avg)
7 (58.3%)
1950 Monaco Grand Prix
1954 British Grand Prix

about Peter Whitehead

Peter Nield Whitehead (12 November 1914 – 21 September 1958) was a British racing driver. He was born in Menston, Yorkshire and was killed in an accident at Lasalle, France, during the Tour de France endurance race. A cultured, knowledgeable and well-travelled racer, he was excellent in sports cars. He won the 1938 Australian Grand Prix, which along with a 24 Heures du Mans win in 1951, probably was his finest achievement, but he also won two 12 Heures internationales de Reims events. He was a regular entrant, mostly for Peter Walker and Graham Whitehead, his half-brother. His death in 1958 ended a career that started in 1935 – however, he was lucky to survive an air crash in 1948.

source: Wikipedia


1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954,

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Peter Whitehead, F1 driver

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