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Keith Greene, F1 driver


5 January 1938 (85)
André Simon (5 January 1920)
Franck Montagny (5 January 1978)

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15th (1961 British Grand Prix)
19th (1962 German Grand Prix)
0 (0 points per race avg)
5 (83.3%)
1959 British Grand Prix
1962 Italian Grand Prix

about Keith Greene

Keith Greene (born 5 January 1938) is a British former racing driver from England. He raced in Formula One from 1959 to 1962, participating in six World Championship Grands Prix and numerous non-Championship races.

Prior to Formula One, Greene had a successful career in sportscars. In 1956 using a Cooper T39 he competed in 11 national level races finishing outside the top six on only one occasion, with two wins and three other podium finishes.

After retiring from driving, Greene became a team manager in Formula One and sports car racing. He worked for Hexagon of Highgate in London running their newly formed motorcycle business in the late 1970s. At that time he also managed Alain de Cadenet's Le Mans racing team.

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1959, 1960, 1961, 1962,

finishing positions

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wins Keith Greene

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teams & teammates Keith Greene

season teammate
1959 Jack Brabham
Maurice Trintignant
Bruce McLaren
Stirling Moss
Masten Gregory
Ivor Bueb
Alain de Changy
Lucien Bianchi
Jean Lucienbonnet
Henry Taylor
Peter Ashdown
Jack Fairman
Mike Taylor
Bill Moss
Trevor Taylor
Tim Parnell
Giorgio Scarlatti
Harry Schell
Cooper-Climax compare 1959
1960 Carlos Menditeguy
Roberto Bonomi
Maurice Trintignant
Masten Gregory
Ian Burgess
Mário de Araújo Cabral
Alfonso Thiele
Giorgio Scarlatti
Wolfgang von Trips
Brian Naylor
Cooper-Maserati compare 1960


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Keith Greene, F1 driver

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