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Joe James, F1 driver


23 May 1925
5 November 1952 (27)
Ernst Klodwig (23 May 1903)
Gérard Larrousse (23 May 1940)
Rubens Barrichello (23 May 1972)

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13th (1952 Indianapolis 500)
16th (1952 Indianapolis 500)
0 (0 points per race avg)
1 (50%)
1951 Indianapolis 500
1952 Indianapolis 500

about Joe James

Joe James (May 23, 1925 Saucier, Mississippi – November 5, 1952 San Jose, California) was an American racecar driver. He was killed during a champ car race at San Jose Speedway.

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1951, 1952,

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wins Joe James

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pole positions Joe James

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teams & teammates Joe James

season teammate
1952 Jim Rathmann
Sam Hanks
Art Cross
Jimmy Bryan
Jimmy Reece
George Connor
Cliff Griffith
Johnnie Parsons
Jack McGrath
Bill Vukovich
Chuck Stevenson
Johnny McDowell
Rodger Ward
Duke Nalon
Bob Sweikert
Fred Agabashian
Gene Hartley
Bob Scott
Chet Miller
Andy Linden
Kurtis Kraft compare 1952


Present today in the TAG Heuer suite at the Indianapolis 500 will be Gigi Garner, daughter of the late, great actor James Garner, a man who deserved the spotlight but never behaved like he wanted it. Garner?s easy-going manner and man-of-the-people attitude probably removed his mystique for many, and therefore robbed him of some of the adulation he deserved.
But he?s never lost his appeal ...

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Race: 1975 Dutch GP, Zandvoort
Car: Hesketh 308
Several moments come to mind as candidates for the race of my life and my win at Brands Hatch in 1976, although it was taken away from me by political manoeuvring by Ferrari, is one of them. It was probably the most emotional race because of the drama when the crowd started throwing cans on the track in protest when it was threatened that I ...

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For Jessica Hawkins, who races in W Series and is an Ambassador for the Aston Martin F1 team, has managed to use her skills behind the wheel to earn her place in pulling off some of Hollywood?s biggest stunts.
And is she proud of it? Absolutely.
?Who doesn't want to have worked on a Bond move?? she smiles. ?It was an incredible experience. One that I'll hold with ...

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James has played an instrumental role in creating and implementing many of the technical systems and processes that have helped make F1 such a global hit ? including the establishment of its state-of-the-art broadcast centre.
As well as helping ensure the sport remained at the cutting edge of technology and never missed a beat during his near three-decade involvement, he helped see it through ...

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Murray Walker?s was a life extremely well-lived. He brought joy to tens of millions from Southend to Sydney and popularised the sport of motor racing for many generations. But what made Murray Walker the person and the broadcasting legend that he was?
Fittingly for a man who was unique it was an exceptional combination of factors. First his heritage in the sport and passion for it. Like me ...

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Joe James, F1 driver

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