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Brooks vs Hawthorn vs Moss in 1958

Compare Formula 1 drivers Tony Brooks, Mike Hawthorn, Stirling Moss in season(s) 1958. Compare these or other drivers with one another at various seasons. All their races, results, wins, polepositions, championships and DNFs.

Compare Brooks vs Hawthorn vs Moss in 1958


Tony Brooks Vanwall Mike Hawthorn Ferrari Stirling Moss Cooper
9 10 10
3rd 1st 2nd
1st 1st 1st
3 1 4
1 4 3
24 49 41
5 2 5
Stirling Moss
Stuart Lewis-Evans (add to comparison)
Luigi Musso (add to comparison)
Peter Collins (add to comparison)
Wolfgang von Trips (add to comparison)
Olivier Gendebien (add to comparison)
Phil Hill (add to comparison)
Jack Brabham (add to comparison)
Maurice Trintignant (add to comparison)
Roy Salvadori (add to comparison)
Ian Burgess (add to comparison)
Bruce McLaren (add to comparison)
Wolfgang Seidel (add to comparison)
Tony Marsh (add to comparison)
Brian Naylor (add to comparison)
Christian Goethals (add to comparison)
Dick Gibson (add to comparison)
Jack Fairman (add to comparison)
Robert La Caze (add to comparison)
André Guelfi (add to comparison)
François Picard (add to comparison)
Tom Bridger (add to comparison)
Tony Brooks
Stuart Lewis-Evans (add to comparison)
2,50 2,38 1,20
4,89 2,70 4,00

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Brooks vs Hawthorn vs Moss in 1958

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