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Fangio vs Herrmann vs Kling vs Lang in 1954

Compare Formula 1 drivers Juan Fangio, Hans Herrmann, Karl Kling, Hermann Lang in season(s) 1954. Compare these or other drivers with one another at various seasons. All their races, results, wins, polepositions, championships and DNFs.

Compare Fangio vs Herrmann vs Kling vs Lang in 1954

1954 statistics

Juan Fangio Mercedes Hans Herrmann Mercedes Karl Kling Mercedes Hermann Lang Mercedes
8 5 6 1
1st 6th 5th 67th
1st 3rd 2nd 0
6 0 0 0
5 0 0 0
57.140000104904175 8 12 0
0 3 2 1
Carlos Menditeguy (add to comparison)
Harry Schell (add to comparison)
Luigi Musso (add to comparison)
Toulo de Graffenried (add to comparison)
Roberto Mieres (add to comparison)
Prince Bira (add to comparison)
Onofre Marimón (add to comparison)
Jorge Daponte (add to comparison)
Stirling Moss (add to comparison)
Sergio Mantovani (add to comparison)
Roy Salvadori (add to comparison)
Luigi Villoresi (add to comparison)
Alberto Ascari (add to comparison)
Ken Wharton (add to comparison)
Ron Flockhart (add to comparison)
Louis Rosier (add to comparison)
Giovanni de Riu (add to comparison)
Paco Godia (add to comparison)
Ottorino Volonterio (add to comparison)
Hans Herrmann
Karl Kling
Hermann Lang
Juan Fangio
Karl Kling
Hermann Lang
Hans Herrmann
Juan Fangio
Hermann Lang
Hans Herrmann
Juan Fangio
Karl Kling
1,63 3,50 4,50 0,00
1,50 7,00 8,67 13,00

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Fangio vs Herrmann vs Kling vs Lang in 1954

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