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Colin Chapman, F1 driver


19 May 1928
16 December 1982 (54)
Bob Anderson (19 May 1931)

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0 (1956 French Grand Prix)
5th (1956 French Grand Prix)
0 (0 points per race avg)
1 (100%)
1956 French Grand Prix
1956 French Grand Prix


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about Colin Chapman

Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman CBE (19 May 1928 – 16 December 1982) was an influential English design engineer, inventor, and builder in the automotive industry, and founder of Lotus Cars.

In 1952 he founded the sports car company Lotus Cars. Chapman initially ran Lotus in his spare time, assisted by a group of enthusiasts. His knowledge of the latest aeronautical engineering techniques would prove vital towards achieving the major automotive technical advances he is remembered for. His design philosophy focused on cars with light weight and fine handling instead of bulking up on horsepower and spring rates, which he famously summarised as "Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere."

Under his direction, Team Lotus won seven Formula One Constructors' titles, six Drivers' Championships, and the Indianapolis 500 in the United States, between 1962 and 1978. The production side of Lotus Cars has built tens of thousands of relatively affordable, cutting edge sports cars. Lotus is one of but a handful of English performance car builders still in business after the industrial decline of the 1970s.

Chapman suffered a fatal heart attack in 1982, aged 54.

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1956 Maurice Trintignant
Harry Schell
Mike Hawthorn
José Froilán González
Piero Taruffi
Vanwall compare 1956


Born Hazel Williams, she met Chapman at a dance in 1944, and Chapman's first car ? what became known as the Lotus Mark 1 ? was built around an Austin 7 chassis in a lock-up garage at the rear of her parents' house in Hornsey, North London, in 1948.
She took over the development of the trials car and its Ford-powered successor, the Mark 2, after Colin was briefly commissioned into the Royal ...

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Colin Chapman, F1 driver

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