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Cecil Green


30 September 1919
29 July 1951 (31)
Roberto Bonomi (30 September 1919)
Gary Hocking (30 September 1937)
Reine Wisell (30 September 1941)
Jochen Mass (30 September 1946)
Eric van de Poele (30 September 1961)
Max Verstappen (30 September 1997)

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0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
4th (1950 Indianapolis 500)
10th (1951 Indianapolis 500)
3 (1.5 points per race avg)
1 (50%)
1950 Indianapolis 500
1951 Indianapolis 500

about Cecil Green

Cecil Green (né Judge Cecil Holt; September 30, 1919 – July 29, 1951) was an American racecar driver from Dallas, Texas.

source: Wikipedia


1950, 1951,

finishing positions

grid positions


# event F1 constructor

pole positions

# event F1 constructor

teams & teammates

season teammate
1950 Tony Bettenhausen
Pat Flaherty
Johnnie Parsons
Sam Hanks
Fred Agabashian
Duke Dinsmore
Walt Faulkner
Jack McGrath
Jerry Hoyt
Johnny McDowell
Walt Brown
Mack Hellings
Joie Chitwood
Jimmy Jackson
Kurtis Kraft compare 1950
1951 Troy Ruttman
Gene Force
Johnnie Parsons
Sam Hanks
Fred Agabashian
Cliff Griffith
Jack McGrath
Mike Nazaruk
Manny Ayulo
Duke Nalon
Carl Scarborough
Bill Schindler
Chet Miller
Lee Wallard
Carl Forberg
Walt Brown
Kurtis Kraft compare 1951


The Silverstone-based team has begun looking into a potential tweak of its green livery for 2022, with the dark pantone having not been as good as it originally hoped.
While the team was happy with how the green looked in real life, the colours have not come across as well on television images.
And, in particular with the way that cameras pick up the light, the dark Aston Martin has often ...

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The Silverstone-based team revamped its livery this season for the iconic British racing green colours of its parent sportscar manufacturer.
But the dark green sometimes makes the AMR21 appear similar to other cars, especially the black Mercedes, on television.
Earlier this week, Andreas Weissenbacher, CEO of the team's former title sponsor BWT, urged the team to go back to the pink colours ...

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As previously reported by, F1’s desire to run Saturday sprint races at three grands prix this year had hit a snag with teams not happy about the extra costs involved.
Beyond some teams wanting a bigger financial compensation from F1 chiefs for the extra money it would cost to add three more races, the issue was further complicated by the impact this could have on cost cap ...

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Following a launch event at the end of February featuring drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, Ferrari has become the final team to present its livery for the new season.
In a launch video on its official website, Ferrari revealed the SF21’s new look as it bids to bounce back from its worst season in 40 years in 2020.
The SF21 has retained the team’s traditional red livery, but has ...

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While the livery did not disappoint, the car design itself also offered up some fascinating tweaks as the Silverstone-based team has evolved its race-winning RP20.
And, unlike the car launches that came before it, Aston Martin left very little to the imagination, releasing detailed shots of the entire car.
The first thing to note is that the team spent both of its development tokens on ...

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Following some weeks of uncertainty about the make-up of the opening rounds of the 2021 schedule, the difficult coronavirus situation in Portugal had prompted doubts about whether or not the race could secure a slot on the schedule.
But following talks between F1 and race organisers over recent days to get a better understanding of the situation in the country, it is understood that both ...

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The timing indicates that Carey is keen to list the race on the provisional 2021 F1 calendar.
Carey has been talking to a group in Rio for some time about an alternative venue in Deodoro, a military base that was utilised for some of the lower profile events at the 2016 Olympic Games, including hockey, rugby sevens, shooting, BMX, mountain biking, show jumping and the modern pentathlon. The ...

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The existing Racing Point squad will rebrand as Aston Martin for 2021 after team owner Lawrence Stroll invested in the British manufacturer earlier this year.
Ambitions for the Aston Martin F1 project have seen it sign Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel for 2021 on a multi-year deal, as well as increase its workforce by 20% and push on with plans to construct a new factory.
Aston Martin ...

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In April Belgium banned all mass events in the country until August 31, which meant Spa’s F1 grand prix would either have to be postponed or held behind closed doors.
On Friday the government officially approved plans to hold the Belgian Grand Prix without fans on its original August 30 date. That allows the Spa Grand Prix organisation to finalise a deal with F1.
“We finally got the ...

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