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Carl Scarborough, F1 driver


3 July 1914
30 May 1953 (38)
Sebastian Vettel (3 July 1987)

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0 (0%)
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12th (1953 Indianapolis 500)
15th (1951 Indianapolis 500)
0 (0 points per race avg)
1 (50%)
1951 Indianapolis 500
1953 Indianapolis 500


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about Carl Scarborough

Carl Scarborough (July 3, 1914 – May 30, 1953) was an American racecar driver. He died from heat exhaustion during the 1953 Indianapolis 500, a race in which several drivers experienced heat-related illness. The race was Scarborough's second entry in the Indianapolis 500. He had also been the national champion in both big car and midget car racing. After he died, race officials announced plans to inspect Indy 500 vehicles for suitable ventilation.

source: Wikipedia


1951, 1953,

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Carl Scarborough, F1 driver

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