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Bill Moss, F1 driver


4 September 1933
13 January 2010 (76)
Jackie Holmes (4 September 1920)
Clemar Bucci (4 September 1920)
Bobby Grim (4 September 1924)

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1959 British Grand Prix
1959 British Grand Prix

about Bill Moss

Bill Moss (born 4 September 1933 in Luton, Bedfordshire, died 13 January 2010) was a British racing driver from England.

Moss entered one World Championship Formula One race, the 1959 British Grand Prix, with his United Racing Stable Cooper T51, a Formula 2 car, and failed to qualify. Moss was British Formula Junior Champion in 1961.

He is not related to Stirling Moss, winner of 16 Grands Prix.

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1959 Jack Brabham
Maurice Trintignant
Bruce McLaren
Stirling Moss
Masten Gregory
Ivor Bueb
Alain de Changy
Lucien Bianchi
Jean Lucienbonnet
Henry Taylor
Peter Ashdown
Jack Fairman
Mike Taylor
Keith Greene
Trevor Taylor
Tim Parnell
Giorgio Scarlatti
Harry Schell
Cooper-Climax compare 1959


That?s why, in the latest list of our ?Top 10 drivers? series, we?ve extended the remit beyond F1 to include all grand prix racing, which kicked off with the 1906 French GP near Le Mans. The importance of events, many of which were standalone or part of the European Championship, varied but the top ones were akin to today?s F1 championship races.
Mercedes has been in and out of ...

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In this clip from Racing Files (above), Sir Stirling Moss ? who died on April 12, 2020 ? says he ?had more fun than anybody else? when it came to motor racing. subscribers can watch the full version of this episode by clicking here.
Renowned for being a driver who could take a car way past its ?natural? limits but contain its wayward behavior due to his own vast ...

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Some years ago, for a piece in Autosport magazine, I asked him what it had been like to drive a racing car around the streets of Monte Carlo at the time.
He replied: ?You could tell who was fast around Monaco ? he?d bring his car back with white sidewalls. They used to paint the kerbs, you see, and if you brushed against them, you?d get white sidewalls! Then you?d think: ?Christ, he ...

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Moss died at the age of 90 in April, sparking an outpouring of tributes from across the motorsport world following his passing.
Moss finished as runner-up in the F1 world championship in 1955 with Mercedes, scoring victory from pole position in the British Grand Prix at Aintree. He would go on to finish second in the championship on three more occasions.
Through much of Moss' F1 career, he ...

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The late Moss may not instantly spring to mind on the topic of Bathurst heroes. Yet the legendary Brit holds his own special place in the history of Australia's Great Race, thanks to an unlikely appearance alongside Brabham in 1976.
That the two global stars even agreed to take part in the race was something quite remarkable.
Both were retired, Moss having barely turned a wheel since his ...

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I?ve always been ambivalent about the historic racing scene, because while it?s wonderful to see a gathering of legendary cars and drivers, and to see them in action, I worry about the competition side ? that both the mechanical and the human are being put at unnecessary risk, each past their respective prime.
The old masters and other drivers long practiced in the art of racing exotica ...

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Between Juan Manuel Fangio?s retirement and Moss?s career-ending crash at Goodwood in 1962, he was the F1 benchmark. And he was the top sportscar performer for nearly a decade.
When picking out greatest drives, there are a number of different criteria we look at. Impressing in inferior machinery, great recovery drives and demonstrations of wet-weather prowess are among the sorts of races we ...

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Moss was widely regarded as one of the greatest drivers never to win the Formula 1 World Championship, finishing as runner-up four times in a career spanning 1951 to 1961. Moss scored 16 victories through his F1 career, as well as winning a number of other high-profile events, including the Mille Miglia.?

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?Mr Motor Racing? as he became known was the benchmark driver in F1, sportscars and just about anything else he turned his hand to following the retirement of his great friend Juan Manuel Fangio in 1958. Even before that, it was clear that Moss was the driver that would soon take the legendary Argentinian?s place at the pinnacle of the sport.?
After competing in trials and sprints, Moss ...

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