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Alberto Uria, F1 driver


11 July 1924
4 December 1988 (64)
Fritz Riess (11 July 1922)
Clive Puzey (11 July 1941)
Rolf Stommelen (11 July 1943)

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0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
6th (1956 Argentine Grand Prix)
13th (1956 Argentine Grand Prix)
0 (0 points per race avg)
1 (50%)
1955 Argentine Grand Prix
1956 Argentine Grand Prix


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about Alberto Uria

Alberto Uria (11 July 1924 – 4 December 1988), was a racing driver from Uruguay. He participated in two Formula One World Championship Grands Prix, debuting on 16 January 1955. He entered two Argentine Grand Prix races as a privateer running a Maserati. He scored no championship points, his best finish being a shared sixth place with Oscar Gonzalez in 1956.

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1955, 1956,

finishing positions

grid positions

wins Alberto Uria

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pole positions Alberto Uria

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teams & teammates Alberto Uria

season teammate
1955 Roberto Mieres
Harry Schell
Luigi Musso
Sergio Mantovani
Clemar Bucci
Jean Behra
Carlos Menditeguy
Cesare Perdisa
Louis Rosier
Lance Macklin
Johnny Claes
Horace Gould
Peter Walker
Peter Collins
Roy Salvadori
André Simon
John Fitch
Maserati compare 1955
1956 Jean Behra
Mike Hawthorn
Chico Landi
Stirling Moss
Luigi Piotti
Carlos Menditeguy
José Froilán González
Gerino Gerini
Óscar González
Cesare Perdisa
Horace Gould
Louis Rosier
Louis Chiron
Luigi Villoresi
Paco Godia
Hernando da Silva Ramos
André Simon
Roy Salvadori
Bruce Halford
Umberto Maglioli
Jack Brabham
Ottorino Volonterio
Harry Schell
Toulo de Graffenried
Jo Bonnier
Maserati compare 1956


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Alberto Uria, F1 driver

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