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LDS-Alfa Romeo, F1 constructor

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South African

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13th (1965 South African Grand Prix)
20th (1965 South African Grand Prix)
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1 (25%)
1965 South African Grand Prix
1965 South African Grand Prix

about LDS-Alfa Romeo

LDS is the name given to various single seater racing specials built for the South African Formula One Championship. The "specials" were built by Louis Douglas Serrurier, hence the name. The Mark 1 and Mark 2 models were based on Cooper designs, whilst the Mark 3 was based on the Brabham BT11. Mark 1 and Mark 2 models (1962–1965) used Alfa Romeo 1.5-litre straight-4 engines.

A total of eight LDS cars participated in five World Championship Grands Prix. They did not score any World Championship points.

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1 Sam Tingle
2 Jackie Pretorius
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LDS-Alfa Romeo, F1 constructor

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