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3rd (1995 Australian Grand Prix)
25 (0.1 points per race avg)
0 (0%)
112 (28.9%)
1991 United States Grand Prix
1996 Japanese Grand Prix

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Footwork Arrows was the name of a Formula One motor racing team, competing during the mid-1990s. Japanese businessman Wataru Ohashi, who was the president of Footwork Express Co., Ltd., a Japanese logistics company, began investing heavily in the Arrows team in 1990, the deal including requiring the cars to display the Footwork logo prominently. The team was officially renamed Footwork in 1991, and secured a deal to race with Porsche engines. Results were poorer than expected, and after just six races, Footwork dropped the Porsche engines and continued with Hart-built Ford engines. However, that didn't allow Michele Alboreto, Alex Caffi or Stefan Johansson to score any points. In fact, Caffi's 10th from the 1991 Japanese Grand Prix was the best result and the Footworks even had to prequalify in the second half of the season.

For the 1992 season they switched engine supplier to Mugen. Arrows retained the Footwork name until Ohashi withdrew his financial backing before the 1996 season, whereupon the name of the team reverted to Arrows. Regardless, Jackie Oliver had retained operational control throughout the entire period.

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1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996,

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Footwork, F1 constructor

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