Formula 1 1985 German Grand Prix results


Michele Alboreto
Teo Fabi

The 1985 German Grand Prix was won by Michele Alboreto of Ferrari.
Despite being on pole position in Germany, Teo Fabi could not convert this into a win.
Fabi was forced to retire in lap 29 due to: Clutch.

The race in Germany was round 9 of 16 of the 1985 season.



# driver constructor laps time points
1 67 1:35:31.337 9
2 67 +11.661 6
3 67 +51.154 4
4 67 +55.279 3
5 67 +1:13.972 2
6 67 +1:16.820 1
7 66 +1 Lap 0
8 66 +1 Lap 0
9 66 +1 Lap 0
10 63 +4 Laps 0
11 62 Engine 0
12 61 Brakes 0
45 Turbo 0
40 Engine 0
32 Gearbox 0
29 Clutch 0
27 CV joint 0
25 Ignition 0
23 Turbo 0
19 Spun off 0
15 Engine 0
8 Engine 0
8 Gearbox 0
8 Clutch 0
8 Oil pressure 0
7 Alternator 0
0 Collision 0


# driver constructor time
8 Michele Alboreto Ferrari
3 Alain Prost McLaren
13 Jacques Laffite Ligier
15 Thierry Boutsen Arrows
12 Niki Lauda McLaren
10 Nigel Mansell Williams
17 Gerhard Berger Arrows
19 Stefan Bellof Tyrrell
2 Stefan Johansson Ferrari
26 Martin Brundle Tyrrell
27 Pierluigi Martini Minardi
4 Keke Rosberg Williams
18 Eddie Cheever Alfa Romeo
7 Elio de Angelis Team Lotus
25 Huub Rothengatter Osella
1 Teo Fabi Toleman
5 Ayrton Senna Team Lotus
20 Derek Warwick Renault
6 Nelson Piquet Brabham
16 Patrick Tambay Renault
11 Marc Surer Brabham
9 Riccardo Patrese Alfa Romeo
21 Philippe Alliot RAM
22 Manfred Winkelhock RAM
23 François Hesnault Renault
24 Jonathan Palmer Zakspeed
14 Andrea de Cesaris Ligier

1985 German Grand Prix

The 1985 German Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held at Nürburgring on 4 August 1985. It was the ninth race of the 1985 Formula One season.

This was the first German Grand Prix that was held on the new GP-Strecke section of the track that replaced the old Südschleife section that had not been used since 1970. It was also the first time in nine years the German GP was held at Nürburgring; previously the German GP was held on the dangerous and very long Nordschleife section of the track up until 1976, and at that race Niki Lauda had a near-fatal accident in his Ferrari that forced the Formula One circus to move to the safer, shorter and faster Hockenheimring. The GP-Strecke would not host another Grand Prix until it hosted the 1995 European Grand Prix, and would not host the German Grand Prix again until 2009.

Michele Alboreto won the race, his fifth and last F1 victory. This event was the first occasion on which an onboard camera was used in a race; one was attached to François Hesnault's Renault. That car was not eligible for championship points, and this race marked the last time, as of the 2016 season, that an F1 team entered three cars for a race.

As it was the German Grand Prix (and that the team still only had 1 new car built) Tyrrell team boss Ken Tyrrell gave his German driver Stefan Bellof use of the Renault powered Tyrrell 014 for the weekend instead of the car's usual driver Martin Brundle who was given Bellof's Cosworth powered 012 to drive. To get around a FISA rule that a team and driver can not run more than 2 engines in the one chassis during a season (with the 012 running the Cosworth and 014 the Renault), Tyrrell simply switched the drivers from one car to the other but not their car numbers meaning Bellof drove in car #3 and Brundle in car #4. Bellof qualified the turbo powered car 19th while Brundle was 26th and last with the Cosworth V8, some 10.2 seconds of Fabi's pole time and 6.4 seconds slower than his teammate in his usual car, something Brundle was reported to be not happy with.

This was to be the last Grand Prix for Manfred Winkelhock: the German fatally crashed his Porsche 962C sportscar at the 1000 km of Mosport in Canada the following week.

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Formula 1 1985 German Grand Prix results

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