Formula 1 1971 Monaco Grand Prix results


Circuit de Monaco
Jackie Stewart
Jackie Stewart

The 1971 Monaco Grand Prix was won by Jackie Stewart of Tyrrell.

The race in Monaco was round 3 of 11 of the 1971 season.


1971 Monaco Grand Prix

The 1971 Monaco Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held at Monaco on May 23, 1971. It was race 3 of 11 in both the 1971 World Championship of Drivers and the 1971 International Cup for Formula One Manufacturers and the 200th World Championship Grand Prix held since the championship began in 1950. This was the last race on the original Monaco circuit, as a dedicated pit lane was created along the harbor before Tabac in 1972.

Events of the race are captured in the documentary film Weekend of a Champion in which Roman Polanski shadows Jackie Stewart.

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Formula 1 1971 Monaco Grand Prix results

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