Formula 1 1954 French Grand Prix


Juan Fangio
Juan Fangio

The 1954 French Grand Prix was won by Juan Fangio of Mercedes. Karl Kling was a very close second.

The race in France was round 4 of 9 of the 1954 season.

lives lost / deaths

This event took the lives of the following driver(s).

Bob Scott Schroeder 1954-07-05

1954 French Grand Prix

The 1954 French Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held at Reims on 4 July 1954, the same date as the 1954 Football World Cup Final. It was race 4 of 9 in the 1954 World Championship of Drivers. The 61-lap race was won by Mercedes driver Juan Manuel Fangio after he started from pole position. His teammate Karl Kling finished second and Ferrari driver Robert Manzon came in third.

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Formula 1 1954 French Grand Prix

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