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Clark vs Serrurier vs Tingle in 1963

Compare Formula 1 drivers Jim Clark, Doug Serrurier, Sam Tingle in season(s) 1963. Compare these or other drivers with one another at various seasons. All their races, wins, polepositions, championships and DNFs.

Compare Clark vs Serrurier vs Tingle in 1963


Jim Clark Lotus-Climax Doug Serrurier LDS Sam Tingle LDS
10 1 1
1st 58th 39th
1st 11th 0
7 0 0
7 0 0
73 0 0
0 0 1
Jack Brabham (add to comparison)
Trevor Taylor (add to comparison)
Bernard Collomb (add to comparison)
Peter Arundell (add to comparison)
Maurice Trintignant (add to comparison)
Mike Hailwood (add to comparison)
André Pilette (add to comparison)
Tim Parnell (add to comparison)
Mike Spence (add to comparison)
Pedro Rodríguez (add to comparison)
Walt Hansgen (add to comparison)
Thomas Monarch (add to comparison)
Neville Lederle (add to comparison)
Ernie Pieterse (add to comparison)
Sam Tingle
Doug Serrurier
2,00 11,00 0,00
2,00 18,00 17,00

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Clark vs Serrurier vs Tingle in 1963

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