Circuit Paul Ricard - France


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Circuit Circuit Paul Ricard in France has hosted 18 Grands Prix between 1971 and 2022.

With 4 wins Alain Prost is the most succesful driver at this track. Constructor McLaren does best with a total of 3 victories at Circuit Paul Ricard.

The pole position record at this track belongs to Alain Prost with 3 poles

statistics / stats

Alain Prost (4 wins)
Nigel Mansell (2 wins)
Lewis Hamilton (2 wins)
McLaren (3 wins)
Williams (3 wins)
Ferrari (2 wins)
11x (61.1%)

about Circuit Paul Ricard

The Circuit Paul Ricard is a motorsport race track built in 1969 at Le Castellet, near Marseille, in France, with finance from the eccentric pastis magnate Paul Ricard. Ricard wanted to experience the challenge of building a racetrack.

source: Wikipedia


events & winners

# event winner pole position
18 2022 French Grand Prix 24 July Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:30:02.112 Charles Leclerc Ferrari
17 2021 French Grand Prix 20 June Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:27:25.770 Max Verstappen Red Bull
16 2019 French Grand Prix 23 June Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:24:31.198 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
15 2018 French Grand Prix 24 June Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:30:11.385 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
14 1990 French Grand Prix 8 July Alain Prost Ferrari 1:33:29.606 Nigel Mansell Ferrari
13 1989 French Grand Prix 9 July Alain Prost McLaren 1:38:29.411 Alain Prost McLaren
12 1988 French Grand Prix 3 July Alain Prost McLaren 1:37:37.328 Alain Prost McLaren
11 1987 French Grand Prix 5 July Nigel Mansell Williams 1:37:03.839 Nigel Mansell Williams
10 1986 French Grand Prix 6 July Nigel Mansell Williams 1:37:19.272 Ayrton Senna Team Lotus
9 1985 French Grand Prix 7 July Nelson Piquet Brabham 1:31:46.266 Keke Rosberg Williams
8 1983 French Grand Prix 17 April Alain Prost Renault 1:34:13.913 Alain Prost Renault
7 1982 French Grand Prix 25 July René Arnoux Renault 1:33:33.217 René Arnoux Renault
6 1980 French Grand Prix 29 June Alan Jones Williams 1:32:43.4 Jacques Laffite Ligier
5 1978 French Grand Prix 2 July Mario Andretti Team Lotus 1:38:51.92 John Watson Brabham
4 1976 French Grand Prix 4 July James Hunt McLaren 1:40:58.60 James Hunt McLaren
3 1975 French Grand Prix 6 July Niki Lauda Ferrari 1:40:18.84 Niki Lauda Ferrari
2 1973 French Grand Prix 1 July Ronnie Peterson Team Lotus 1:41:36.52 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell
1 1971 French Grand Prix 4 July Jackie Stewart Tyrrell 1:46:42.3 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell


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Circuit Paul Ricard - France

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