Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit


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Circuit Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit in Australia has hosted 25 Grands Prix between 1996 and 2021.

With 4 wins Michael Schumacher is the most succesful driver at this track. Constructor Ferrari does best with a total of 8 victories at Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit.

The pole position record at this track belongs to Lewis Hamilton with 8 poles


Michael Schumacher (4 wins)
Jenson Button (3 wins)
Sebastian Vettel (3 wins)
Ferrari (8 wins)
McLaren (6 wins)
Mercedes (4 wins)
9x (36%)

about Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit

The Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit is a street circuit around Albert Park Lake, only a few kilometres south of central Melbourne. It is used annually as a racetrack for the Formula One Australian Grand Prix, Supercars Challenge and associated support races. The circuit has FIA Grade 1 licence. In spite of being a circuit on public roads it has characteristics of a natural road course considering it being fast and flowing combined with extensive runoff in many corners.

The Australian Grand Prix has always been more of a promoter event than a profit-raiser in itself. The contract was prolonged until 2020, although tobacco advertising has been banned since 2007.

source: Wikipedia



# event winner pole position
1 1996 Australian Grand Prix 10 March Damon Hill Williams 1:32:50.4 Jacques Villeneuve Williams
2 1997 Australian Grand Prix 9 March David Coulthard McLaren 1:30:28.718 Jacques Villeneuve Williams
3 1998 Australian Grand Prix 8 March Mika Häkkinen McLaren 1:31:46.0 Mika Häkkinen McLaren
4 1999 Australian Grand Prix 7 March Eddie Irvine Ferrari 1:35:01.659 Mika Häkkinen McLaren
5 2000 Australian Grand Prix 12 March Michael Schumacher Ferrari 1:34:01.987 Mika Häkkinen McLaren
6 2001 Australian Grand Prix 4 March Michael Schumacher Ferrari 1:38:26.533 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
7 2002 Australian Grand Prix 3 March Michael Schumacher Ferrari 1:35:36.792 Rubens Barrichello Ferrari
8 2003 Australian Grand Prix 9 March David Coulthard McLaren 1:34:42.1 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
9 2004 Australian Grand Prix 7 March Michael Schumacher Ferrari 1:24:15.757 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
10 2005 Australian Grand Prix 6 March Giancarlo Fisichella Renault 1:24:17.336 Giancarlo Fisichella Renault
11 2006 Australian Grand Prix 2 April Fernando Alonso Renault 1:34:27.870 Jenson Button Honda
12 2007 Australian Grand Prix 18 March Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari 1:25:28.770 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari
13 2008 Australian Grand Prix 16 March Lewis Hamilton McLaren 1:34:50.616 Lewis Hamilton McLaren
14 2009 Australian Grand Prix 29 March Jenson Button Brawn 1:34:15.784 Jenson Button Brawn
15 2010 Australian Grand Prix 28 March Jenson Button McLaren 1:33:36.531 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull
16 2011 Australian Grand Prix 27 March Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1:29:30.259 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull
17 2012 Australian Grand Prix 18 March Jenson Button McLaren 1:34:09.565 Lewis Hamilton McLaren
18 2013 Australian Grand Prix 17 March Kimi Räikkönen Lotus F1 1:30:03.225 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull
19 2014 Australian Grand Prix 16 March Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1:32:58.710 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
20 2015 Australian Grand Prix 15 March Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:31:54.067 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
21 2016 Australian Grand Prix 20 March Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1:48:15.565 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
22 2017 Australian Grand Prix 26 March Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:24:11.672 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
23 2018 Australian Grand Prix 25 March Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:29:33.283 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
24 2019 Australian Grand Prix 17 March Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:25:27.325 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
25 2021 TBA 21 November

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Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit

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