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Singapore 中的 Marina Bay Street Circuit 赛道在 2008 和 2023 之间举办了 14 场大奖赛.

凭借 5 次胜利,Sebastian Vettel 是这条赛道上最成功的车手。 Constructor Ferrari 以 Marina Bay Street Circuit 的总成绩 4 胜出.

该赛道的杆位记录属于 Lewis Hamilton 和 4 杆

统计数据 / stats

Sebastian Vettel (5 赢)
Lewis Hamilton (4 赢)
Fernando Alonso (2 赢)
Ferrari (4 赢)
Red Bull (4 赢)
Mercedes (4 赢)
9x (64.3%)

关于 Marina Bay Street Circuit

The Marina Bay Street Circuit (otherwise known as the Singapore Street Circuit) is a street circuit around Singapore's Marina Bay and is the venue for the Singapore Grand Prix. The track is 5.065 km (3.147 mi) long in a harbourside location similar in style to the Circuit de Monaco and the Valencia Street Circuit.

The circuit is designed by KBR, Inc., a modification of the original one first proposed by Hermann Tilke. The circuit has a FIA Grade 1 license.

The circuit holds a unique record of having safety car appearance in every race to date. There has been a total of 17 safety car deployments in ten races.

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Marina Bay Street Circuit - Singapore