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Wolfgang Seidel


4 July 1926
1 March 1987 (60)
Ernst Loof (4 July 1907)
Johnnie Parsons (4 July 1918)
Jim McWithey (4 July 1927)
Ernie Pieterse (4 July 1938)
René Arnoux (4 July 1948)
Roland Ratzenberger (4 July 1960)
Jan Magnussen (4 July 1973)


0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
9th (1960 Italian Grand Prix)
13th (1960 Italian Grand Prix)
0 (0 média de pontos por corrida)
10 (76.9%)
1953 German Grand Prix
1962 German Grand Prix

sobre Wolfgang Seidel

Wolfgang Seidel (4 July 1926 in Dresden – 1 March 1987 in Munich) was a racing driver from Germany. He participated in 12 Formula One World Championship Grands Prix, debuting on 2 August 1953. He scored no championship points.

Seidel often entered cars under his own name, or under the Scuderia Colonia banner. After having been refused a start at the 1962 German Grand Prix due to slowness, Seidel got in an argument with officials from the Automobilclub von Deutschland. Combined with some doubts about the level of preparation of his cars, Seidel's competition licence was withdrawn, and he offered his two cars up for sale. In spite of not having a licence, Seidel competed in the non-championship 1962 Mexican Grand Prix a few months later.

He died in 1987 of a heart attack.

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1953, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962,

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# evento F1 construtor

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Wolfgang Seidel

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