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Jochen Rindt


18 April 1942
5 September 1970 (28)
Anthony Davidson (18 April 1979)


6 (9.7%)
13 (21%)
10 (16.1%)
1 (14.3%)
109 (1.8 média de pontos por corrida)
37 (59.7%)
1964 Austrian Grand Prix
1970 Italian Grand Prix

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Karl Jochen Rindt ([ka?l ?j??n? ??nt]; 18 April 1942 – 5 September 1970) was a German-born racing driver who represented Austria during his career. In 1970, he was killed during practice for the Italian Grand Prix and became the only driver to be posthumously awarded the Formula One World Drivers' Championship.

Rindt started motor racing in 1961. Switching to single-seaters in 1963, he was successful in both Formula Junior and Formula Two. In 1964, Rindt made his debut in Formula One at the Austrian Grand Prix, before securing a full drive with Cooper for 1965. After mixed results with the team, he moved to Brabham for 1968 and then Lotus in 1969. It was at Lotus that Rindt found a competitive car, although he was often concerned about the safety of the notoriously unreliable Lotus vehicles. He won his first Formula One race at the 1969 United States Grand Prix. He had a very successful 1970 season, mainly racing the revolutionary Lotus 72, and won five of the first nine races. In practice for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, he spun into the guardrails after a failure on his car's brake shaft. Rindt was killed owing to severe throat injuries caused by his seat belt; he was pronounced dead while on the way to hospital. As his closest competitor Jacky Ickx was unable to score sufficient points in the remaining races of the season, Rindt was awarded the World Championship posthumously.

Overall, he competed in 62 Grands Prix, winning six and achieving 13 podium finishes. He was also successful in sports car racing, winning the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans paired with Masten Gregory in a Ferrari 250LM.

Rindt was a popular figure in Austria and his success resulted in increased interest in motorsport and Formula One in particular. He hosted a monthly television show titled Motorama and set up a successful exhibition of racing cars in Vienna. During his time in Formula One, he was involved, alongside Jackie Stewart, in a campaign to improve safety in Formula One. Rindt left behind his wife, Nina, and a daughter, Natasha.

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1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970,

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1964 Jo Bonnier
Jo Siffert
Ian Raby
Giacomo Russo
Hap Sharp
Cooper-Climax comparar 1964
1965 John Love
Bruce McLaren
Alex Blignaut
John Rhodes
Cooper-Climax comparar 1965
1966 Jo Bonnier
Richie Ginther
Guy Ligier
Jo Siffert
Chris Amon
John Surtees
Moisés Solana
Cooper-Maserati comparar 1966
1967 Pedro Rodríguez
Jo Siffert
Jo Bonnier
Guy Ligier
Alan Rees
Richard Attwood
Jacky Ickx
Cooper-Maserati comparar 1967
1968 Dave Charlton
John Love
Jack Brabham
Silvio Moser
Dan Gurney
Kurt Ahrens
Brabham-Repco comparar 1968
1969 Mario Andretti
Graham Hill
John Love
Jo Siffert
Richard Attwood
John Miles
Jo Bonnier
Pete Lovely
Lotus-Ford comparar 1969
1970 Graham Hill
Dave Charlton
John Love
John Miles
Alex Soler-Roig
Pete Lovely
Emerson Fittipaldi
Reine Wisell
Team Lotus comparar 1970


Neste dia 05 de setembro completa 50 anos do dia em que Jochen Rindt morreu durante o treino para o GP da Itália de Fórmula 1. Companheiro de equipe do austríaco na Lotus naquela temporada, o bicampeão Emerson Fittipaldi relembra a bela amizade que tinha com o único campeão póstumo da história do Mundial.
Rindt morreu após uma batida com sua Lotus na Parabolica durante um treino do GP ...Continue lendo


Jochen Rindt estaria completando 78 anos de idade neste sábado (18). O piloto alemão, mas radicado na Áustria, correu na F1 de 1964 a 1970, em 60 provas, com auge ocorrendo em 1970.
Mas quis o destino Rindt tivesse seu acidente fatal no GP da Itália de 1970, temporada em que somava cinco triunfos e desfrutava de liderança folgada no Mundial daquele ano.
Mesmo a temporada tendo mais ...Continue lendo


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